Danielle thumbnail image


Model Danielle Danielle Toshiko Photographer Gary Roberts

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Sabina Kelley thumbnail image

Sabina Kelley

Model Sabina Kelley Photography Brian Brown

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Calu thumbnail image


Model Calu Photographer Unknown

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Dina De Sade thumbnail image

Dina De Sade

Model Dina De Sade Photographer Gordon Dumsterfunk

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Vintage thumbnail image


Our first post in a new segment here at Tattooed Beauties  we would like to call "Vintage Queens". Once in a while we will post old, authentic pictures of the originators, the girls who broke the mold so long ago. Here ...

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Michelle thumbnail image


Model Michell McGee Photographer Unknown

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Hanna Hetz thumbnail image

Hanna Hetz

Model Hanna Hetz Photography Draig

View Hanna Hetz

Mavvis thumbnail image


Model Mavvis Photographer TonyOttaviani

View Mavvis

Julie Jordan thumbnail image

Julie Jordan

Model Julie Jordan Photographer Tom Huynh

View Julie Jordan

Jeska thumbnail image


Model Jeska Photographer Creative Destruction

View Jeska

Valium thumbnail image


Model Valium Suicide Photographer Unknown

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Jandy Linn thumbnail image

Jandy Linn

Model Jandy Linn Photographer Ryan Kerns

View Jandy Linn

Mary-Leigh thumbnail image


Model Mary-Leigh Photographer Hannah Havoc

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Go Go thumbnail image

Go Go

Model Go Go Photographer Unknown

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Trisha Lurie thumbnail image

Trisha Lurie

Model Trisha Lurie Photographer Tattooed Steel/ Notion photography

View Trisha Lurie

Jessie Lee thumbnail image

Jessie Lee

Model Jessie Lee Angel Photographer Denise Design

View Jessie Lee

Pretty Kitty thumbnail image

Pretty Kitty

Model Pretty Kitty Photographer Charles Williams

View Pretty Kitty

Katie Price thumbnail image

Katie Price

Model Katie Price Photographer Plastic Puppet

View Katie Price

Angie Martin thumbnail image

Angie Martin

Model Angie Martin Photographer AYM Photography

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Anne thumbnail image


Model Anne Lindfjeld Photographer Ama Lea

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Olivia thumbnail image


Model Olivia Patterson Photographer Lane Jensen

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Chelsea thumbnail image


Model Chelsea La Vone Photographer BrandonShowers

View Chelsea

Caddy thumbnail image


Model Caddy Photographer BlumPhotography

View Caddy

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